Carbon-impregnated filter foam

PORET® Carbon filter foam is impregnated with highly active carbon. This impregnation maximizes the effective surface area of the filter medium without changing its volume.

Approx. 80 - 100 grammes of activated carbon are impregnated per millimetre of material thickness and square metre of foam, providing a specific surface area of 900 - 1300 m² per gramme.

In addition, the open-cell structure of the filter foam reduces the pressure drop encountered in filtration to a minimum. This ensures optimum air distribution and therefore maximum utilization of the carbon material along with minimum energy consumption.

Application fields

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Laboratories
  • Dust / fume removal hoods at workplaces
  • Odour absorbers

Standard sizes

  • rolls
  • individual panels
  • cut-to-size pieces
  • stamped parts
  • It is available in any desired dimensions and a wide range of thicknesses on request.