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Our Filter-Campus offers you pure knowledge about test standards of well known filter classes within the filter industry. Learn more about requirements on air filters in order to choose the right filter type for your application. Our Case Studies analyse the optimal filtration mix for different purposes and present you achievable benefits for your operation. And our short clips give you a quick round trip through the entire filter world of EMW!

What is an aerosol?

COVID-19 General : What is an aerosol?

Unfortunately, the term aerosol is often wrongly defined and mistakenly interpreted as a mixture of particles. But how is an aerosol really defined? What is the difference to a particle? And what do we mean by talking about aerosol filtration and aerosol filters?

Clean Air Delivery Rate

COVID-19 General : Clean Air Delivery Rate

The Clean Air Delivery Rate is considered the evaluation standard for air purification devices. How does the determined value help us to evaluate the filter efficiency? And is an evaluation based on the Clean Air Delivery Rate sufficient for choosing the right air purifier? Learn more about the definition of the Clean Air Delivery Rate, how it is calculated and what you need to consider when evaluating the CADR value.

ISO 16890 Replaces EN 779

ISO 16890 : ISO 16890 Replaces EN 779

ISO 16890 regulates classification of particulate filters for room air. This new standard, in effect since late 2016, has superseded European standard EN 779 in mid-2018.

Effective Filter Media Area

General : Effective Filter Media Area

Effective filter media area is an important characteristic of an air filter. How is effective filter area determined and calculated? And does higher effective area really increase a filter’s separation efficiency?

Dust Holding Capacity

General : Dust Holding Capacity

We will take a closer look at dust holding capacity, its meaning, the test procedures used to determine it and its relevance to practice.

Clip ISO 29463

ISO 29463 : Clip ISO 29463

There are many standards for HEPA filters. We'll show you how the new ISO 29463 supplies clarity in the jungle of filtration test standards.

Clip ISO 29461-1:2013

ISO 29461 Video : Clip ISO 29461-1:2013

The filter test standard ISO 29461-1:2013 is currently a valid standard for static filter elements in the application of air inlet filters for gas turbines. In this video you will find out more about the test sequence of the filter standard and why you, as the operator of a gas power plant, have probably not come into contact with ISO 29461 yet.

Clip ISO 29461-1:2021

ISO 29461 Video : Clip ISO 29461-1:2021

As already announced: ISO 29461 has finally received the update! Now you, as an operator of a rotary machinery such as a stationary gas turbine or a compressor, have your own filter test standard including a classification with the filter classes ISO T1 up to ISO T13. Watch our latest video to learn more about the test procedure and the new filter classes of this filter test standard.

Clip aerosols vs. particles

COVID-19 General Video : Clip aerosols vs. particles

Unfortunately, the term 'aerosol' is often wrongly defined and mistakenly interpreted as a particle mixture. But how is an aerosol correctly defined? What is the difference to a particle? And what do we mean by talking about aerosol filters and aerosol filtration?