LM6000 : LM6000 Air Filter Upgrade

The advantages of the EMW® filter upgrade at a glance

  • Less maintenance required due to longer service life of the GT air filters
  • Improved filter efficiency
  • Lower pressure loss at the same time

Problems of a standard LM6000 filter package

No coalescer
Unstable pre-filter
Final filter with low filtration efficiency

The switch to an LM6000 filter upgrade from EMW®

1st Filter stage: Poret® coalescer
2nd Filter stage: Z-Line GT for LM6000
3rd Filter stage: MPZ ECO-80 GTS

1st filter stage: Poret® coalescer

First, we look at the Poret ® coalescer in the first filter stage. This filter foam is predestined as a coalescer. It protects the downstream filter system from coarse particles and water droplets. In contrast to conventional synthetic media or glass fibre media, the Poret® has a higher stability thanks to its pores, which remain open even in high humidity or with a high dust load. Dust, for example, is caught on the inner surface. Droplets, in turn, flow through the pore structure of the coalescer medium and agglomerate. The resulting increase in weight of the droplets causes them to sink.

Pores stay open

The high stability of the media structure of the Poret ® coalescer, the stable pressure difference and the high filter efficiency against coarse particles lead to a longer service life than is the case with synthetic media. Troublesome media changes during operation can be significantly reduced and subsequent filter stages receive optimum protection against coarse particles.

2nd filter stage: Z-Line GT for LM6000

Now we look on the 2nd filter stage. The picture shows a negative example and speaks for itself in terms of pre-filtration. Besides the fact that there is no coalescer the panel filters used in a standard filter package of a LM6000 are extremely unstable due to their cardboard frames. After only a few weeks, there is an urgent need for maintenance.

Conventional unstable prefilter
LM6000 Prefilter by EMW®

However, if you compare EMW®'s Z-Line GT for LM6000 with it, you will see clear differences and advantages. The plastic frame fits perfectly into the special filter walls of LM6000 filter houses. It also remains stable and does not allow air to bypass the filter element.

3rd filter stage: MPZ ECO-80 GTS

Last but not least, we turn to the final of the filter stages: The final filters. EMW® also has an upgrade for your LM6000 filter system in the last filter stage. In the following, our MPZ ECO-80 GTS is compared with a standard product on the market.


This diagram compares the fractional efficiency of a commercially available LM6000 cartridge filter with the optimzed version of EMW. A clear difference can be seen here. While particles >4 µm are filtered equally well by both filters, the situation is quite different for particles <4 µm. With a particle size of 0.3 µm, the filters show a difference of almost 30% in their efficiency. But how does this impact the pressure drop level?

Now, of course, one might think that this would be reflected in an increased pressure difference. However, a look at the following diagram shows that the pressure difference of the two filters hardly differs, altough EMW's version shows a way higher filter efficiency. In fact, EMW® 's MPZ ECO-80 GTS even performs better at a volume flow of >2000 m³/h.

The final result

With the three-stage LM6000 filter upgrade from EMW®, maintenance can be reduced, performance improved and longer service life achieved through improved filter efficiency compared with minimized pressure drop level. In addition, EMW® also offers matching final filters in HEPA filter classes. The result of a clean LM6000 gas turbine thanks to HEPA upgrade can be seen in the video.

Would you also like to upgrade your LM6000 filter system? Our team will be happy to advise you!