LM6000 final filter : MPZ ECO-80 GTS

For the final filter stage of your LM6000 gas turbine, EMW® has a new final filter ready for you: the MPZ ECO-80 GTS.

And how does it differ from the conventional models? Quite simply: compared to the LM6000 circular filters commonly available on the market, the MPZ ECO-80 GTS has a higher fractional efficiency for particularly small fine dust particles, but without this being reflected in an increased pressure difference.

But let us read more about it below!

Fractional efficiency

This diagram compares the fractional efficiency of the MPZ ECO-80 GTS with that of a commercially available LM6000 circular filter. Clear differences can be seen here: While particles >3.5 µm are still filtered relatively equally well by both filter types, the situation is quite different for particles of size <3.5 µm. With a particle size of 0.4 µm, for example, the filters show a difference of almost 30% in their separation efficiency.

As already mentioned, the pressure difference nevertheless remains stable. Looking at the diagram, it becomes clear that the pressure difference of both filters hardly differs noticeably. In fact, EMW®'s MPZ ECO-80 GTS performs better even at a volume flow of >2000 m³/h.

Pressure difference

Technical Data of MPZ ECO-80 GTS with the dimensions OD=476mm, ID=356mm & H=660mm

Filter type MPZ ECO-80 GTS
Filter class according to EN 779 F9
Designated Filter Group ISO 16890 ISO ePM 1 80%
Further Filter Groups ISO 16890 PM2,5 85% | PM10 95%
Nominal air flow rate [m³/h] 3400
Initial pressure drop 170
Average Arrestance ≥ 95