Poret® Coalescer Media

For efficient removal of entrained droplets and coarse particles.

Poret® is ideally suited for use as the initial filter stage to protect downstream filters from coarse particulates and water droplets in inlet air. The Poret® coalescer filter media stands out with superb rigidity, much higher than that of commonly used synthetic media or glass fiber media. Even when filtering air with high water content, this exceptionally sturdy media does not give way.

The superb water resistance of Poret® is a key factor ensuring long service life. Poret® filter material can be washed and reused again and again – without affecting its pore structure or filtration efficiency.


  • Stable operation even in air with 100% relative humidity
  • Pore structure not affected by repeated washing
  • Filter efficiency virtually unchanged even after washing
  • Can be reused an unlimited number of times
  • Service temperature range up to 80 °C

Poret® is specifically designed for efficient removal of coarse particulates and suspended droplets. When used to replace other media, it does not require substantial changes to existing frames or housings.

Poret® coalescers provide big savings by their ease of washing and suitability for reuse. Even when washed again and again, their original media structure remains unaffected.

High Efficiency, Low Pressure Drop

The Poret® coalescer protects downstream filter stages by highly efficient removal of coarse matter and water droplets from inlet air. The physical mechanisms involved can be illustrated using the simple example of fog in ambient air. Fog is made up of tiny water droplets approximately 10 to 40 micrometers in diameter. As these droplets pass through the pore structure of the Poret® coalescer filter media they agglomerate and their average size and weight increase. Too heavy to float in air, these larger droplets separate off downwards.

As can be seen in the graph at right, Poret® achieves a separation efficiency approaching 100% over the size range considered. Poret® offers other benefits as well. It has low initial pressure drop which remains virtually constant during subsequent operation. Its highly stable pore structure, low build-up of pressure drop over time and high efficiency in removal of coarse particles ensure longer service life in field use. It avoids the need for frequent media replacement and costly resultant downtime. And, by reliably removing coarse droplets and particulates, our Poret® coalescer permits the downstream filter stages to go about their job smoothly and efficiently.

No pore clogging, even at high dust contens.


Available in a wide range of standard and custom-cut sizes, Poret® can be easily integrated in existing frames and assemblies. Along with flat versions, our Poret® coalescer is also offered in pleated versions providing increased surface area and decreased pressure drop.

Poret® is available as well as roll-form material or in reusable frame systems.