Glass-fibre media in Filter Classes G1 - G4

VERFILTAN V2 are outlet-side compressed glass-fibre media. VERFILTAN V2 incorporates a light oil coat providing improved dust adhesion.

VERFILTAN V4 glass-fibre mat does not incorporate an oil coat. It is ideal for use as an enamel mist eliminator in base filters of enamel application lines.

VERFILTAN V4 is also used for inlet air filtration for turbomachinery. V4 is optionally available in a special version incorporating a melamine coat.

The cut-to-size media can be quickly and easily exchanged as ensured by the exchangeable plastic frames.


  • Available in Filter Classes G1 – G4 (EN 779)
  • Dependable service even at 100% relative humidity
  • Max. service temperature of VERFILTAN: between 100 °C and 180 °C depending on the version

Standard dimensions rolls:

  • - 61.000 x 2.000 mm
    - 91.000 x 1.000 mm
    - 91.000 x 1.500 mm
    - 91.000 x 2.000 mm
  • Pre-cut sections available on request

Technical Data

Test Data* VERFILTAN Coarse Dust Filters in accordance with EN 779
(Not applicable when used as coalescer)

V2 geölt V4 / 50 V4 / 75 V4 / 100 V4 / Melamin
Thickness (mm) 50 50 75 100 75
ΔP initial (Pa) 40 38 45 65 45
ΔP final (Pa) 250 250 250 250 250
Filter class EN779 G3 G2 G2 G3 n/a
Dust holding capacity** [g] 450 450 570 720 Coalescer

* : The data given are typical figures. The exact operating data in a specific application may vary in accordance with dust composition as well as other local conditions.

** : Dust holding capacity was measured at the recommended final pressure differential. Depending on the installation configuration and other details of the specific application, filters may be operated to higher or lower final pressure differentials; the dust holding capacity will change accordingly.