EMW® reuseable frames

EMW® reusable frames provide an innovative alternative to one-way filter cells. The specially designed frame and housing made of recycled polystyrene can be used again and again, substantially reducing disposal costs as compared to conventional filter cells.

When it is time to change the filter, i.e. when the pressure drop across the filter reaches its maximum permissable limit, only the dust-laden filter itself need be exchanged.

EMW® reuseable frames


  • Frame system can be reused an unlimited number of times
  • Only the filter medium itself need be exchanged
  • Minimization of waste disposal volume and costs
  • Reduction of transport and storage costs
  • Lighter in weight than comparable metal frames
  • When exchanging the filter, a different class or type of filter can be easily installed if desired

Application fields

with a variety of filter media

  • Air intake systems for turbomachinery
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)


596 x 596 x 25 mm

- 596 x 596 x 50 mm
- 596 x 596 x 75 mm
- 596 x 596 x 100 mm

- 495 x 596 x 25 mm

- 495 x 596 x 50 mm

- 292 x 596 x 25 mm

- 292 x 596 x 50 mm

Further dimensions are available!