LM6000 pre-filter : Z-Line GT for LM6000

In terms of pre-filtration, many conventional cardboard frame filters can be found on the market. Unfortunately, these are usually very unstable, do not fit precisely, are susceptible to moisture and have a short service life.

EMW® now offers a more efficient solution! The Z-Line GT has a plastic frame that fits perfectly into the special design of the LM6000 filter houses. In addition, this LM6000 pre-filter remains stable even after a long period of use thanks to the fully sturdy proven filter frame and the integrated stabilisers for a stabelized filter media package. This ensures that the supply air passes through the water-repellent synthetic medium completely free of leaks.

LM6000 pre-filter
Z-Line GT for LM6000

LM6000 prefilter in comparison

Conventional LM6000 prefilter

These unstable conventional filters with cardboard frames bend quickly, allow air to escape and offer no stability whatsoever, requiring constant filter changes. This is accompanied by insufficient protection for the final filters.

Z-Line GT for LM6000 from EMW filtertechnik

This filter was developed for the special requirements of an LM6000 filter house. The precisely fitting and stable plastic frame as well as the stabilisers for a proper pleat protection and, of course, the water-repellent filter medium, lead to a significantly extended service life of the optimised Z-Line pre-filter.

Technical Data

Filter type
Dimensions 591 x 596 x 84 mm
Filter class according to EN 779 G4
Designated Filter Group ISO 16890 ISO Coarse 80%
Nominal air flow rate [m³/h] 3400 (4250)
Average Arrestance ≥ 90
Initial pressure drop 55 / 80