Activated carbon cassettes & boxes

with synthetic medium oder PORET® Carbon

EMW® activated carbon cassettes or boxes are primarily used in ventilation and air conditioning systems, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as in dust removal hoods at workplaces for adsorption of organic gaseous accompanying substances. The activated carbon filters provide maximum filter surface and very compact design, allowing longer service life and extremely cost-efficient operation.

EMW cassettes or boxes are available with impregnated pleated synthetic media or PORET®Carbon, an impregnated foam medium. The cassettes are supplied in standard sizes facilitating installation in common mounting frames typically encountered in ventilation shafts.

Along with the standard sizes offered, custom sizes are also available on request. Cylindrical cartridges and cut-to-size sections of PORET®Carbon can also be supplied on request.


  • Highly efficient absorption of hazardous substances: up to 50% of the weight of the carbon at 20 °C and 60% relative humidity
  • Suited for air flow velocity 0.15 – 0.25 m/s
  • Filter medium joined to frame with cast airtight joint
  • Fully incinerable, corrosion-proof polystyrene frame

Application fields

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Dust / fume removal hoods at workplaces
  • Odour absorbers

Standards Activated Carbon Pleat

AKP4 - 296

  • Activated Carbon - thermopleat
  • 592 x 592 x 296 mm
  • synthetic filter media
  • 3.3 kg activated carbon

AKP4 - 400

  • Activated Carbon - thermopleat
  • 592 x 592 x 400 mm
  • synthetic filter media
  • 5.1 kg activated carbon

Standards Activated Carbon Filter Foam

PCK4 - 296

  • PORET® Carbon
  • 592 x 592 x 296 mm
  • foam (PPI 30) impregnated with 2.2 kg activated carbon

PCK4 – 400

  • PORET® Carbon
  • 592 x 592 x 400 mm
  • foam (PPI 30) impregnated with 3.5 kg activated carbon

Cut-to-size sections of PORET® Carbon,

  • foam (PPI 30) => in desired dimensions available on request