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For Use in all EX Zones : IECEx Panel Filter (formerly ATEX-Panel Filter)

EMW®‘s IECEx-certified air filters comply with the IECEx standard and are suitable for use in all EX zones. Designed for heavy-duty offshore applications, the new IECEx panel filter provides reliable operation under even the toughest conditions.

So why are we talking about IECEx Panel Filters? The ATEX directive that once also applied to air filters still exists. However, it is no longer aimed at air filters! In theory, the filters no longer have to meet any special requirements with regard to explosion protection according to the ATEX directive. In order to not only offer safety in potentially explosive areas, but also to be able to prove it, EMW's former ATEX Panel Filters are now IECEx-certified.

Stabilizers integrated in the panel filter protect and maintain the pleat pattern in the media, ensuring low initial pressure drop with minimal increase in subsequent operation.

The conductive synthetic media is solidly mounted around its entire perimeter in a dissipative plastic frame. A seamless cast-in-place seal holds the air filter firmly in place without leakage.

ATEX Panel filter


IECEx Panel Filters / ATEX-Panel Filters
WxHxD: 592x592x48mm
IECEx Panel Filters / ATEX-Panel Filters
WxHxD: 592x287x48mm
IECEx Panel Filters / ATEX-Panel Filters
WxHxD: 287x592x48mm

Performance Data


ISO 16890 Filter Group:
ISO Coarse 80%

Initial Pressure Drop:
65 Pa @3400m³/h