(H)EPA Compact Filters for Gas Turbines

in EN 1822 Filter Classes E10, E11 and E12

Roughly 70%-85% of power capacity loss in gas turbines is attributable to compressor fouling. Initial efforts to resolve this problem usually focus on online and offline compressor washing. However, these measures restore capacity only marginally and, more importantly, do not prevent long-term damage to rotor blades from particulate impact.

EMW® (H)EPA compact filters address the problem at its roots, removing particulate matter from the inlet air before it can enter the gas turbine and cause fouling and corrosion there. Our E12 Class (H)EPA filters provide over 99.5 % efficiency in removal of even the smallest microparticulates. EMW® offers a wide-ranging product portfolio, permitting selection of the best (H)EPA compact filter for your gas turbine, whatever its design, site air conditions or the operating mode employed. Modification of the existing filter house is typically not required. Our (H)EPA filters provide up to 40 m² media area in a single compact filter unit. Benefitting from low initial pressure drop and expertly engineered prefiltration technology, they routinely achieve service lives of 2-3 years or 16,000-24,000 operating hours.


  • Filter classes E10, E11 and E12 (EN 1822)
  • Water-repellent media in corrosion-proof plastic frame
  • Reliable operation even in highly humid air
  • Rugged pleat-reinforcing mat eliminates need for brittle plastic or expanded metal grids
  • Filter media joined to aerodynamically optimized plastic frame with cast airtight joint
  • Continuous foamed-in-place seal
  • Easy disposal after service life: plastic housing is fully incinerable.
  • Reliable operation at temperatures up to 80 °C

Application Fields

High Efficiency + Rugged Construction
= Reliable Power Plant Operation

Our GT compact filters offer up to 38 m² media area in a single space-saving filter unit. A cast airtight seam joins the water-repellent media to the aerodynamically optimized plastic frame. A fully synthetic nonwoven fabric mat on the outlet side enhances pleat strength, ensuring secure operation even with pressure drops in excess of 5000 Pa and under other heavy-duty conditions.

Highly Efficient Filter Media

For efficient particulate removal even under heavy-duty operating conditions.

XXL Media Area

Innovative minipleat technology provides maximum filter media area in the smallest of spaces.

Heavy-Duty Strength

EMW® minipleat compact filters for gas turbine applications are equipped with a pleat reinforcing mat on their outlet side. This reinforcement system provides superb toughness and other advantages over conventional metal or plastic reinforcing grids. The result: heavy-duty strength and outstanding dependability even under extreme conditions such as pressure drops greater than 5000 Pa.

Aerodynamically Optimized Frame

EMW® GT compact filters incorporate a specially designed plastic frame which minimizes turbulent air flow in gas turbine inlet air filtration. GT compact filters provide further benefits as well: they are easy to install and fully incinerable for simple disposal after use.

Advanced Design for Superb Airtightness

The filter media is joined to the frame by an airtight full-perimeter joint. The joined module is finished with a continuous foamed-in-place seal applied on the inlet or outlet side as desired.

Technical Data

MPK410-28 GT MPK410-31 GT MPK410-38 GT
Filter Class E10 E10 E10
Dimensions 592 x 592 x 298 mm 592 x 592 x 400 mm 592 x 592 x 400 mm
Air flow rate [m³/h] 3400 3400 3400
Efficiency at MPPS [%] ≥ 85 ≥ 85 ≥ 85
Initial pressure drop[Pa] 150 120 125
MPK411-28 GT MPK411-31 GT MPK411-38 GT
Filter Class E11 E11 E11
Dimensions 592 x 592 x 298 mm 592 x 592 x 400 mm 592 x 592 x 400 mm
Air flow rate [m³/h] 3400 3400 3400
Efficiency at MPPS [%] ≥ 95 ≥ 95 ≥ 95
Initial pressure drop[Pa] 185 155 150
MPK412-28 GT MPK412-31 GT MPK412-38 GT
Filter Class E12 E12 E12
Dimensions 592 x 592 x 298 mm 592 x 592 x 400 mm 592 x 592 x 400 mm
Air flow rate [m³/h] 3400 3400 3400
Efficiency at MPPS [%] ≥ 99.5 ≥ 99.5 ≥ 99.5
Initial pressure drop[Pa] 280 230 215

All data given are based on test results determined according to EN 1822. The data are average values subject to tolerances due to normal production fluctuations. The figures are only suitable for comparison with those of other products tested according to the same standard.

Application Fields