Filter Foam : PUR foam

Our polyurethane foam is available as foam blocs, cut to size foam and as rolls. We offer PUR foam as polyether foam with a pore range between PPI 10 and PPI 60 and as polyester foam with a pore density between PPI 10 and PPI 80 (Pores per Inch).

Poret® filter foam is an open celled foam, which can be used in various of applications and which is available in different colours and shapes. The open-celled structure provides a high inner surface area and enables a biological treatment for pollutant decomposition. Thereby, the cell structure of the PUR filter foam remains open, without blocking.

With our reticulation capabilities we are able to manufacturer Poret® the open celled foam in different standard dimensions. In further foam processing we run a wide range of modern machines in order to offer you PUR foam in the desired dimensions as cut to size foam, foam blocs or rolls. Feel free to send us your inquiry via the following configurator. Or directly contact our team and we will gladly assit you.

Let's configure your filter foam!