Data center air filters : Efficient filtration solutions for powerful computing power!

EMW offers you efficient filter systems for optimum data flow. The air filters are designed to separate even particles in the submicron range. The high data center air quality supports the establishment of a stable computing power and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs during data center operation.

Problems with filtra on in data centres

Problems with data center air filtration

Poor air filtration in data centers can lead to the following problems:

· System failure due to dust contamination

· Corrosion of IT hardware

· Data loss up to downtime phases of the servers

Therefore, the selection of suitable data center filters for such premises is of particular importance in order to avoid a decrease in computing power and the loss of data streams .

air filters for data centres

EMW air filters for data centers

To increase the reliability of your data center, EMW offers air filters in various filter classes.

The efficient air filters provide optimum conditions to protect the computing power and ensure the valuable data streams.