(H)EPA Air Filters MS

in Filter Classes M6 - H14

Series MS filter systems from EMW® in fine, EPA and HEPA filter classes are primarily used in heating / ventilation / air conditioning systems, laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as dust removal hoods at workplaces.

Due to their less expensive frame material, Series MS filters represent a lower-cost alternative as compared to filters housed in metal frames. These pleated filter media are offered in all common dimensions. The filter media are high quality, wet-laid glass-fibre materials.


  • Filter classes M6 - F9 (EN 779)
  • Filter classes E10 - H14 (EN 1822)
  • Reliable operation at temperatures up to 80°C
  • Filter media joined to frame with cast airtight joint
  • Fully incinerable MDF frame as standard equipment
  • Other frame materials - e.g. plastic, stainless steel - available on request
  • Continuous foamed-in-place seal on one side, as standard equipment

Application Fields

Standard sizes:

MS 78: depth of frame 78 mm

MS 150: depth of frame 150 mm

MS 292: depth of frame 292 mm

Other sizes available on request.