Wedge Filters and Cartridge Filters

in Filter Classes M6 - H14

EMW® wedge filters are primarily used in heating / ventilation / air conditioning systems, laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as dust removal hoods at workplaces.

Due to their compact design, EMW® wedge filters are ideal for use in applications with limited space availability. Our static cylindrical filters (cartridge filters) provide the same compact construction and suitability for limited-space applications. The filter media are high quality, wet-laid glass-fibre materials.


  • Filter classes M6 – H14 according to EN 779/ EN 1822
  • Reliable operation even at 100% relative humidity
  • Reliable operation even at temperatures up to 80 °C
  • Filter medium joined to frame by cast airtight joint
  • Polystyrene frame, fully incinerable

Application fields

  • Heating, ventialtion, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Dust/fume removal hoods at workplaces

Type MKK: 202 x 86,5 x 600 mm

Type MKV: 202 x 65 x 600 mm

Type MP (round cartridge): Ø 176/109 x 226 mm