HEPA Air Filters RS

in Filter Classes E10 - H14

Series RS (H)EPA filter systems from EMW® are primarily used in heating / ventilation / air conditioning (HVAC) systems, in laboratories, in chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as dust removal hoods at workplaces.

These pleated filter media are offered in aluminum frames in all common dimensions. The filter media are high quality, wet-laid glass-fibre materials. They are sealed in the frame by a cast airtight joint.


  • Filter Classes E10 - H14 (EN 1822)
  • Reliable operation even at 100% relative humidity
  • Reliable operation at temperatures up to 80°C
  • Filter media joined to frame with cast airtight joint
  • Frame constructed of anodized aluminium profile segments
  • Continuous foamed-in-place seal on one side, as standard equipment
  • Powder-coated protective grid on both sides, as standard equipment

Application Fields

Standard sizes:

RS 66: depth of frame 66 mm

RS 90: depth of frame 90 mm

RS 117: depth of frame 117 mm

Other sizes available on request.

Pressure Drop Data for the Filter Types H13 and H14