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Our Filter-Campus offers you pure knowledge about test standards of well known filter classes within the filter industry. Learn more about requirements on air filters in order to choose the right filter type for your application. Our Case Studies analyse the optimal filtration mix for different purposes and present you achievable benefits for your operation. And our short clips give you a quick round trip through the entire filter world of EMW!

What is an aerosol?

COVID-19 General : What is an aerosol?

Unfortunately, the term aerosol is often wrongly defined and mistakenly interpreted as a mixture of particles. But how is an aerosol really defined? What is the difference to a particle? And what do we mean by talking about aerosol filtration and aerosol filters?

Effective Filter Media Area

General : Effective Filter Media Area

Effective filter media area is an important characteristic of an air filter. How is effective filter area determined and calculated? And does higher effective area really increase a filter’s separation efficiency?

Dust Holding Capacity

General : Dust Holding Capacity

We will take a closer look at dust holding capacity, its meaning, the test procedures used to determine it and its relevance to practice.

Effective Media Area

General Video : Effective Media Area

You want to know how the effective media area is defined as and which impact it has on filter efficiency? Then watch the following video where all these questions are getting anserwed.